Nòmatd and Baracuta Join Forces For Debut Capsule Collection

Nòmatd and Baracuta Join Forces For Debut Capsule Collection

British and Japanese Brands Merge Classic and Contemporary Designs

Baracuta, the British brand famous for the G9 Harrington Jacket, has announced its first partnership with Japanese streetwear label Nòmatd, renowned for its unique designs and patterns. This collaboration marks a significant moment, blending the classic silhouettes of Baracuta’s G9 and G4 jackets with Nòmatd’s distinctive patterns, potentially altering the trajectory of both brands’ creative development.

Both Baracuta and Nòmatd are known for their commitment to merging craftsmanship with innovation. Baracuta’s fashion legacy includes iconic features like the Fraser Tartan lining, while Nòmatd, established by Masako Noguchi and Takuma Sasaki in Tokyo in 2005, brings its signature hand-drawn graphics to the partnership.

The collaboration focuses on two iconic Baracuta models, the G9 Harrington and G4 jackets, reimagined with Nòmatd’s original patterns. These redesigned jackets, available in dark navy, indigo blue, and powder pink, showcase Nòmatd’s aesthetic flair while maintaining Baracuta’s heritage appeal.

“We are thrilled to partner with Nòmatd for the first time,” Baracuta stated. “This partnership represents a meeting of minds, an unprecedented union of Baracuta’s artisanal heritage and Nòmatd’s innovative approach to design. Together, we have created a collection that celebrates tradition and transcends its limits. We are excited to share it with our community,” they added.

The Nòmatd x Baracuta collection became available in late March 2024. It is sold through Baracuta and WP Store e-commerce platforms, as well as in the Baracuta store in Milan and WP Stores in Bologna and Florence, introducing a new chapter in streetwear by merging British classic style with Japanese design innovation.