The Industrialists

Our Look at the People Behind American Men’s Fashion
[hr align=”center” weight=”thick” style=”line”]For our July print issue of THE IMPRESSION/CFDA magazine, we gathered some of America’s leading men’s players to capture their edge and essence via photographer’s MARCO PEDDE lens at Pier 59 Studios in New York. As we kick off this weeks of men’s here is a look at THE INDUSTRIALISTS who curate the designers vision and help bring American men’s fashion to life.

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Andrew Lister (Senior VP, Purple)
Eric Jennings (VP & Fashion Director, Saks Fifth Ave)
Erik Ulin (President, Men’s UBM)
Gayle Dizon (Founder, Dizon Inc.)
Kevin Harter (VP & Fashion Director, Bloomingdales)
Ivan Bart (President, IMG Models)

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Jay Acros (Fashion Show Producer, Moda Tech Inc.)
Jay Bell (Senior Vice President, Barneys)
Jay Fielden (Editor in Chief, Esquire)
Jim Moore (Creative Director, GQ)
Jim Nelson (Editor in Chief, GQ)
Laura Gammel (PR Director, Capsule BPMW)

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Laura McMullin (Executive Producer, NYFW: Mens, INCA)
Lizette Chin (Publisher and VP, MR)
Mark Beckham (Business Director, Fashion Week CFDA)
Megan Maguire Steele (Founder, Maguire Steele)
Michael Macko (Menswear Consultant)
Nick Sullivan (Fashion Director, Esquire)
Sam Ben-Avraham (Founder, Liberty Fairs)[/column]
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The Industrialists
Andrew Lister, Eric Jennings, Erik Ulin, Gayle Dizon, Kevin Harter, Ivan Bart, Jay Acros, Jay Bell, Jay Fielden, Jim Moore, Jim Nelson, Laura Gammel, Laura McMullin, Lizette Chin, Mark Beckham, Megan Maguire Steele, Michael Macko, Nick Sullivan, & Sam Ben-Avraham 

Photographer | Marco Pedde @ BFA
Creative Director | Kenneth Richard

Senior Producer | Marc Karimzadeh
Art Director | Judy Downs
Producer | Stephanie Swanicke Slater
1st Asst. | Hector
Digital Tech | Desmond Reich
Hair & Makeup | Song Isabel Hee @ Bryan Bantry

Post Production by Box Studios
Senior Producer | Liz Brown
Image Director | William Kennedy
Shot on location at Pier 59 Studios
Special thanks to Pascal Dangin and Box Studios

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