Top 20 Breakout Models of Fall 2021

In the long run of fashion month, there is always a fresh set of legs that breaks out of the newbies to catch our attention. While it certainly can’t hurt to be one of the Top Models of Fall 2021 walking the runways for a big name like Prada or Valentino, the diverse talents and debuts of these new stars prove that who you are is more important than who you are wearing. We will be sure to keep our eyes peeled for the upcoming season as these young talents’ stars only continue to rise. Here are The Impression’s Top 20 Breakout Models of Fall 2021.

Abby Joy Novak

Agency | The Industry NYC, Oui Management Paris

Adit Priscilla

Agency | HEROES Model Management NYC, Premium Models Paris

Amane Taniguchi

Agency | The Society Management NYC, Elite Paris Paris

Ayesha Sesay

Agency | Women Management NYC

Betsy Gaghan

Agency | DNA Models NYC

Danielle Austin

Agency | 28Models NYC

Eleonora Ehrnström

Agency | Brave Model Management Milan

Ella Emhoff

Agency | IMG NYC

Emily Krause

Agency | Kollektiv Mgmt NYC, Oui Management Paris

Evie Saunders

Agency | Fabbrica Milano Management Milan

Jits Bootsma

Agency | Next Milan Milan

Julia Pacha

Agency | Women Management Paris Paris

Lamich Kirabo

Agency | Wilhelmina New York NYC, Select Model Management Paris Paris

Meadow Walker

Agency | DNA Models NYC

Raynara Negrine

Agency | The Industry NYC, Women Management Paris Paris

Seng Khan

Agency | Women Management Paris Paris

Shade Akinbobola

Agency | Uno Models Barcelona, Youth Models London

Tina Diedhiou

Agency | Fifth Models Barcelona

Vic Ishimwe

Agency | HEROES Model Management NYC, Women Management Paris Paris

Victoria Fawole

Agency | The Industry NYC, The Claw Paris & Milan


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