PP Pink Fall 2022 Video Ad Campaign

Review of Valentino PP Pink Fall 2022 Video Ad Campaign by Pierpaolo Piccioli with Videographer Marcell Rev with Talent Zendaya

For Valentino’s latest advertising campaign, Zendaya finds herself in the vibrant, monochromatic world of Valentino Pink PP Collection.

Pierpaolo Piccioli conceived the new Advertising Campaign following the experimental urge of a radical gesture, stripping the palette down to a single hue. Pink is a different emotional and mental space, a collateral dimension to the real that can be accessed. It is a territory, equal and opposite to the transcendence of the dream. You cannot own a color, but you can own a feeling. Pink PP: a manifestation of the unconscious and a liberation from the need for realism.

Pink PP is the color of love, community, energy and freedom.

For the Valentino fall ad campaign, Zendaya, shot by Micheal Bailey Gates, has an attitude that recalls a sense of freedom. A freedom that acts as a neutral, that goes beyond any feminine traits.

Once again Marcell Rev (from Euphoria) gives a cinematographic taste to the video, creating a metaphoric connection with the Valentino Rendez-Vous campaign: a sofa in the middle of the studio that acts as a portal to an authentic surreal Pink PP world, awakening a dreamlike scenario.

For the story, the Valentino Di.Va is propelled into the surreal, saturated by Pierpaolo Piccioli’s signature Pink PP shade and set to the sound of Yazoo’s “Only You.”​

Pink is the possibility for the re-composition of fashion signs, thanks to a neutrality freed from the rules of the here and now. It is a lucid dream.

Valentino Creative Director | Pierpaolo Piccioli
Photographer | Michael Bailey-Gates
Videographer | Marcell Rev
Talent | Zendaya
Image Architect | Law Roach
Hair | Antoinette Hill
Makeup | Sheika Daley
Production Design | Micheal Grasley

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