Zara x Emmanuelle Alt Capsule Launches

Zara x Emmanuelle Alt Ad Campaign

Zara launches a new collection titled “Into the Classics” with Emmanuelle Alt serving as a creative consultant. “Into the Classics” is the second part of the project with Emmanuelle Alt following the drop of “Into the Night” in July 2022.

While “Into the Night” was a collection inspired by the Parisienne night in which timeless garments and laminated fabrics and sparkles merged together and featured Kate Moss in the campaign, “Into the Classics” is centered around the city’s energetic day-to-day looks.

The new collection features timeless garments that mix a classic wardrobe with a fresh, French touch. Key styles include oversized shirts, cashmere sweaters, denim pants, suiting, a mini skirt, and a timeless trench coat. The accessories offering include sneakers, boots of varying heights, belts, and jewelry.