Zimmermann Resort 2020 Ad Campaign by Emil Vrisakis & Benny Horne


Resort 2020 Ad Campaign by Emil Vrisakis & Benny Horne

Creative director Nicky Zimmermann teams up with Smile Agency creative director Emil Vrisakis and photographer Benny Horne to create Zimmermann’s resort 2020 campaign that’s quiet, contemplative and cinematic. Filmed with model Liya Kebede at Lake Como locations nestled on the Italian side of the Swiss Alps, the campaign is less about breaking new ground and more about nostalgic introspection, focusing on reflective moods and breathtaking scenery.

Making the most of the gorgeous Lake Como which is of glacial origin, the campaign offers panoramic views of Kebede leaning over balconies, reading on stone staircases, basking on a sailboat with sunlight glinting on water, and strolling down a palm-lined path during sunset. It must be said that sun-dappled models in beautiful Italian vistas have been done before; what makes this campaign special is its nuanced execution, which effectively captures the type of mood that strikes one when wondering alone in a pristine nature-infused environment.

Calm and understated, the art direction and styling combine to make the clothes feel as effortless as a day on vacation abroad, blissfully free of any agenda. These moments of thoughtful repose remind us that in the information age, with its ubiquitous texts, tweets, buzzes, and beeps, sometimes a few minutes of peaceful reflection is the greatest of luxuries.

Zimmermann Creative Director | Nicky Zimmermann
Agency | Smile Agency
Creative Director | Emil Vrisakis
Photographer | Benny Horne 
Model | Liya Kebede
Stylist | Romy Frydman
Hair | Renya Xydis
Makeup | Jodie Boland
Production | Shades of Grey Co.
Location | Lake Como, Italy