Dior Store Scout 2022

Dior Men’s Winter Pop-Up at Rodeo Drive

Dior announces the opening of its new Dior Men Winter 2022 Pop-Up on N. Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California. Upon entering, shoppers are transported to the Alexandre III bridge, a dreamy Parisian setting. This location is one in a series of openings globally including an installation at Dior’s New York Flagship boutique on 5th Avenue. 

The iconic Pegasus sculpture, which will be featured exclusively at the Beverly Hills location, is created using a 3D printer to capture even the smallest of details and then finished with gold leaf. Lights in the entry tunnel and inside on the bridge will flicker on and off. To finish the setting, walls will feature imagery of the Parisian skyline alongside a curved LED screen showing the Winter 22 campaign video.

The Beverly Hills pop-up is now open through September 19th, 2022. 

N. Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California

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