Gucci to Show Cruise 2025 at Tate Modern in London

Gucci has announced that its Cruise 2025 runway show will be held at London’s Tate Modern art gallery on May 13. The show will debut creative director Sabato De Sarno’s first Cruise collection for the brand.

“Set against the backdrop of London’s dynamic cultural landscape, Tate Modern provides the ideal setting to showcase Creative Director Sabato De Sarno’s vision for the Cruise 2025 show,” read a statement from the brand. “Tate Modern stands as a hub of creativity and dialogue, where diverse perspectives converge to spark meaningful conversations and foster cultural exchange. Here, the interplay of art and architecture creates an environment that inspires innovation and challenges boundaries much like the city itself.”

The statement continued, “

Inspired by multiple journeys to London over time, where he immersed himself in the city’s diverse cultures, Sabato De Sarno seeks to capture the essence of London’s spirit – a coming together of ideas, styles, and personalities, defined by contrasts that spark creativity.”

Gucci has far-reaching historic connections with the city as well; Guccio Gucci’s time working as a porter at the cosmopolitan Savoy hotel in the late 1890s formed the catalyst for his interest in luxury travel and its personalities.

The partnership between the Tate and Gucci extends beyond the show, with the house acting as a supporter of the gallery’s upcoming “Electric Dreams” exhibition in the fall, as well as a three-year partnership wherein Gucci will contribute to Tate Modern’s support of emerging artists.