Hope & Humanity Our Editor-in-Chief Kenneth Richard Speaks to the Fashion Industry
Kenneth Richard - Editor-In-Chief, Chief Impressionist | The Impression

Hope & Humanity – A Letter from Kenneth Richard

Our Chief Impressionist Speaks to the Times

The fashion industry has always been the first to hold up a mirror to society to reflect its dreams and aspirations. Today, more than ever, we are needed to offer hope and positivity as a respite from the ongoing plight.

Our industry has been quick to adapt, shifting manufacturing from maxi dresses to medical masks and hair care to hand sanitizers, going on to donate percentages of sales to support COVID-19 relief efforts. All at a time when our industry itself is under duress. To those leading brands, we offer our sincere thanks for the goodness you have brought during these difficult days.

Fashion is designed around evolution, we are early adaptors, those that can endure more than we know, leaving it all behind the stage as we put our best out front. We have always faced hardship with empathy, kindness, compassion, charity, and most importantly, creativity. 

We are built for navigating the clouds of uncertainty. We understand that we are not defined by the conditions we face, we are defined by how we respond to them. Our industry’s quick reaction to the most dynamic shift of our times has proven that.

It is important that we leverage our creativity to reflect back optimism and aspirations to the world, to offer a counter to the storm which will end. The Impression will continue to navigate to inspire and inform fashion creatives, sharing the positivity that the industry creates such as Bottega Veneta’s residency, and Salvatore Ferragamo digital trivia project. Narrative around how brands are communicating and how agencies are creating will continue to be front and center as we recognize that ultimately it is creative thinking that is the true gift and currency of our industry and also humankind. In times such as these, we need more creative thinking than ever.

Many of you have been kind enough to reach out to share your thoughts and thanks with us. Please continue to share, we are grateful for your warmth and as always are here to help.

You inspire us every day, and your creativity has more meaning than you know in helping the world stay bright in dark times. We don’t take you for granted.

Stay safe, hopeful, and creative.

Photo | Danny Clinch