Isabel Marant Etoile Fall 2021 ad campaign

Isabel Marant

Étoile Fall 2021 Ad Campaign

Review of Isabel Marant Étoile Fall 2021 Ad Campaign by Photographer Leon Mark
with model Caren Jepkemei

Caren Jepkemei stars in a new campaign for Isabel Marant’s Fall 2021 Étoile collection. The model was captured beachside by photographer Leon Mark.

The picks from the Étoile collection offer a somewhat more relaxed vision of the contemporary sophistication Isabel Marant is known for. From bright sweaters and puffer jackets to baggy denim shirts and linen suits, the styling feels breezy, optimistic, and uniquely expressive.

The location of the beach offers both harmony and contrast to the styling mood. The sunlight and sand emphasize the feeling of joyful possibility. Meanwhile, the shots where Jepkemei lets her zebra-striped boots sink into the sand or be washed over by waves exude a delightfully ironic tension. While we would never treat our Isabel Marant boots so carelessly, the image perfectly embodies the campaign’s mood of impeccable yet carefree style.

Isabel Marant Creative Director | Isabel Marant
Photographer | Leon Mark
Model | Caren Jepkemei
Stylist | Rúben Moreira

Senior Fashion Writer | The Impression
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