Prada Outdoor Mountain Debuts In The USA

Prada Transforms Three American Storefronts to Highlight the Outdoor Capsule’s Latest Chapter

Prada Outdoor pivots to its next theme, Mountain, with pop-up experiences in select stores across the US. Composed of a series of capsule collections and corresponding pop-up shops and in-store installations inspired by nature in its myriad forms, Prada Outdoor is a timely celebration of the return to mask-free al fresco exploration and in-store shopping. The Mountain theme follows after Garden and Coast, with the final Snow chapter coming later this year.

The Mountain theme will have its home at the Prada stores in Beverly Hills, Broadway, and Aspen. Each store will offer a unique immersive space that channels alpine adventure, situating the robust and practical pieces of the capsule in their natural habitat. It’s a smart way for Prada to leverage physical retail space to make the most of the collective longing for physical presence and outdoor experience.