The Most Googled Brands of Spring 2024

Google Trends, a trusted gauge of public interest, affords us a unique opportunity to gauge the fashion landscape’s heartbeat. Leveraging this tool, we’ve extracted valuable insights into the brands that seized the limelight during the most recent fashion week and those that retained their status as steadfast favorites throughout the month.

Our methodology for data analysis followed a dual path. We probed for trends in two distinct categories of searches: Searches using the brand name alone. Searches pairing the brand name with “fashion show.” This approach allowed us to measure both a brand’s intrinsic popularity and the impact of its respective fashion shows. These brands not only generated buzz on their show dates but also sustained considerable interest throughout the month.

In the fashion realm, Prada, a venerable presence, maintains its standing in Google searches—a testament to its enduring allure and influential presentations. Another titan of the industry, Chanel, maintains consistent search volume, underscoring its unwavering relevance. Gucci, renowned for its dynamic and eclectic shows, predictably surged on its show date, cementing its reputation as a must-watch every fashion week. The following brands experienced notable spikes in search volume on their respective show dates, signaling successful displays of their collections– Prada, Gucci, Dior, Givenchy, Burberry, Ferragamo, Coach, Khaite, Michael Kors, Diesel, Tom Ford, Marni, Victoria Beckham and Fendi.

While global search volume serves as an excellent gauge of popularity, it doesn’t always capture the intricacies of brand impact. These brands may boast comparatively lower overall search volumes, yet their influence is far from negligible. Their appeal may cater to a specific, discerning audience or exhibit more pronounced localized trends.

Some brands gather momentum as the month unfolds, hinting at intriguing developments or late-show surprises. Notably, Victoria Beckham experienced a notable uptick in search activity as the month drew to a close. This surge suggests several intriguing possibilities, such as the emergence of a captivating event that seized the audience’s interest—perhaps the release of a Netflix documentary or the viral circulation of event highlights from the show.

Google Trends offers a captivating snapshot of the fluctuations in public interest. While established names like Prada and Chanel consistently command attention, it’s equally vital to acknowledge the influence of brands tailored to niche audiences or those that make unexpected late entrances. After all, the world of fashion is as much about the undercurrents as it is about the prevailing tide. Here are The Top 30 fashion shows of Spring 2024 season as ranked by Google search.

30 – Alexander McQueen

29 – Loewe

28 – Ferragamo

27 – Moschino

26 – Marni

25 – Givenchy

24 – Proenza Schouler

23 – Max Mara

22 – Balenciaga

21 – Victoria Beckham

20 – Saint Laurent

19 – Carolina Herrera

18 – Fendi

17 – Ulla Johnson

16 – Valentino

15 – Burberry

14 – Helmut Lang

13 – Prada

12 – Coach

11 – Khaite

10 – Gucci

9 – Ralph Lauren

8 – Versace

7 – Louis Vuitton

6 – Hermès

5 – Michael Kors

4 – Tom Ford

3 – Diesel

2 – Dior

1 – Chanel