Top 10 Men’s Models

Most Popular Models of Fall 2019

Male modeling is one of the rare arenas were women are intrinsically paid more than men, and while that may sound like some form of poetic justice, it is equally as wrong as when women are paid unfairly for equal work.

We are equally as guilty finding time to cover the most popular women models despite men’s shows being earlier and will do our best to right that wrong moving forward. However, the team here thought better late than never and opted to help assure the male talents that walked the most shows rceived their equal share of attention.

Congratulations to all the talents making The Impression’s Most Popular Men’s Models of the Fall 2019 season.

Callum Stoddart

Jeenu Mahadevan

Jonas Funk

Leon Dame

Maikls Mihelsons

Mathieu Simoneau

Serge Sergeev

Wellington Grant

Xu Meen

Yang Hao