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Bottega Veneta Launches Third Issue of Quarterly Journal

The House Has Launched the Third Issue of Its Quarterly Journal Issued By Bottega

Bottega Veneta has launched the third issue of its quarterly journal Issued By Bottega. The unique digital zine first launched earlier this year, marking a bold new marketing strategy that eschewed social media presence in favor of the deeper, more slow-paced, and collaborative quarterly publication.

Now settling into a strong creative rhythm, the multimedia project combines more typical fashion editorial content – styled exclusively with Bottega, of course – as well as contributions from unique global artists across various disciplines.

Features this time around include Bottega-inspired sculptures by Erika Voigt, music and performance by Japanese ambient minimalist composer Midori Takada, glass design by Valentina Cameranesi, and digital animations by motion design studio More and More that whimsically unwind the house’s characteristic fabrics.

The publication is universally accessible through