Fendi Peekaboo Handbag Savoir Faire Spring 2020 Ad Campaign Photos


Peekaboo Savoir Faire Spring 2020 Ad Campaign

This is more than just a story about a product, because this is more than just a product. In their recent release, Fendi is telling the story of their famous Peekaboo bag. With masterful art direction, the short film and series of photographs elevate what they call the savoir faire of the bags themselves.

So much more than just a few pictures of a bag against a white backdrop, this launch is entirely unique. The collection of images show off the hard work put into each and every bag, hand-woven and carefully designed so the patterns are uniform and impeccable. The colors are pleasing and eye-catching, allowing each image to stand out on its own.

With the impressive photographs comes an awe-inspiring video. Set in front of upbeat hip-hop music, the fast-paced film builds on the effort put into the designs, cutting between how they are made, the material that goes into them, and the inspiration behind the structure. Dynamic architectural perspectives meet accessory designs as the video focuses on the Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana, the luxury brand’s headquarters in Rome.

Watching this short film, it feels like you’re watching more than just the production of a few bags. You’re watching the history behind the handbags, the attention to detail, the care and heart of those making them, and the ingenuity that went into creating the campaign. It becomes evident that Fendi, the 95-year-old fashion house, treasures their designs above all else. They take pride in each and every product, which is exactly what we love to see from such a classic brand.