Spring 2023 Ad Campaign

Review of Jacquemus Spring 2023 Ad Campaign by Creative Director Simon Porte Jacquemus with Photographer Oliver Hadlee Pearch with models Hedi Ben Tekaya and Vittoria Ceretti 

Jacquemus exudes opulent summertime energy in its new Spring 2023 campaign by photographer Oliver Hadlee Pearch.

Pearch captures iconic model Vittoria Ceretti as she embodies the brand’s trendy-chic modus operandi with a summery lens. Solid and sheer blacks are punctuated by vibrant moments of yellow and gold.

This focused yet rich palette extends across the imagery as well; Ceretti is captured in one of the resort towns along the Italian Riviera from which the collection draws its inspiration. The portraits are framed by opulent terraces overlooking the town, grassy courtyards, or prim interiors – all in golden-hour lighting – stitching together the narrative of an elevated summer sabbatical.

With rich textures and colors and a readily identifiable narrative of indulgent, sunshiney luxury, the campaign is a very Jacquemus way to celebrate the arrival of summer travel.

Jacquemus Creative Director | Simon Porte Jacquemus
Photographer | Oliver Hadlee Pearch
Models | Hedi Ben Tekaya, Vittoria Ceretti 
Stylist | Ursina Gysi
Hair | Ramona Eschbach
Makeup | Vanessa Bellini 

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