Prada and Adidas Unveil Their Sneaker Collaboration

Prada x Adidas

Unveil Their Sneaker Collaboration

After months of teasing their collaboration, the houses of Prada and adidas have unveiled the first release of their partnership: the Prada Superstar sneaker and the Prada Bowling bag for adidas on sale as a duo starting next week on December 4th, 2019. The limited editions of 700 pieces is perfectly timed for the holiday season although to late to make The Impression’s Best Collaborations of Fall.

The first release – Prada for adidas Limited Edition – is an homage to adidas, championing an emblematic adidas Originals shoe – the Superstar sneaker, originally launched in 1969 and still a lynchpin of adidas Originals style. It also introduces a new bag silhouette, the Prada Bowling bag for adidas, which echoes the Prada Bowling bag as well as the adidas gym bag, in and of itself referencing the world of sports, a style that serves to illustrate the shared narratives and intersecting heritages of Prada and adidas. 

The Prada Superstar and the Prada Bowling bag for adidas are proposed together; every piece is Made in Italy by Prada, indicating the superlative quality synonymous with the brand and its inimitable expertise in accessories and 106-year history as a luxury leather goods house. A partnership about manufacturing, a salute to the 50 years of the Superstar, an impeccable style icon – which does not require being re-designed – having crossed boundaries and challenged definitions through five decades. 

Prada for adidas Limited Edition is offered for woman and man in exclusive limited editions of 700 pieces, both footwear and accessories numbered with a unique serial. Both items will be available in select Prada and Adidas stores as well as online on December 4 at and