prep school trend

Prep School

Fall 2022 Street Fashion Trend

The New Uniform

Back-to-school is set to take on new meaning this Fall, with American collegiate culture shaping the new uniform. In a world where it’s difficult to know what to wear for now, we are increasingly relying on classic codes of style, and the Ivy Leagues preppy separates are as good a place to start as any, being that it is often mined as a key influence every few seasons. Pleated skirts, as a gender-inclusive style that has gathered renewed interest (think Oscar Isaac in Thom Browne, and Yugo Takano in ‘That’ Miu Miu mini) form the base in coloured checks, and classic crew necks worn knotted at the neck, whether in cashmere, cardigans, or cable knits, offer an easy how-to for those new to the timeless appeal of preppy style.