Amiri Spring 2020 Fashion Ad Campaign Photos


Spring 2020 Ad Campaign by Jonas Lindstroem

Amiri invites us to a dream-like world of sand and sun for the release of their Spring 2020 collection.

Led by founder and creative director Mike Amiri, the label is known for its sophisticated interpretation of California rock ‘n’ roll sensibility. Amiri brings a laid-back and thoughtful approach to this campaign, which feels inspired by the summer of love nostalgia and the freedom and inclusivity of hippie communities. Young people of varied identities lounge on the beach together or feel the grass between their toes. Elegant camera work from photographer Jonas Lindstroem makes inventive use of light as the Malibu sun and surf give way to sand and skin. Art Director Jonny Lu is also wise enough to embrace the relaxed style and let the campaign breath.

Simple but thoughtful in its execution, this campaign is a testament to how much can be said through an understanding of place. The natural beauty of the setting, in conversation with the styling and the talent, lends a strong sense of personality to the images and quietly expresses the ideals of peace and community which the campaign seems to celebrate.

Amir Creative Director | Mike Amiri
Agency | Jonny Lu Studio
Creative Director | Jonny Lu
Photographer | Jonas Lindstroem
Models | Mara Kaswampiro, Katya Bybina, Eduards Kraule, Jekardi Skyes, & Helio Tabaillon 
Stylist | Max Clark
Casting Director | Arianna Pradarelli