Best Breakout Models Fall 2019 - NY, London, Milan

The Best Breakout Models We Hope to See More Of In Paris

Fall 2019 Fashion Week

With miles to go before they sleep the runways stars are still running at breakneck speeds putting quite a bit of mileage on their soles and likely souls. This week the race is being held at the City of Lights as Paris Fashion Week begins.

Along the way we’ve noticed a few breakout stars to keep our eyes on and thought you would like to cheer for them too as they race to the finish line for some much-needed rest.

We will keep you dialed after the race ends to see who finishes at the top of the marathon, until then here are the Top 10 Breakout Models of Fall 2019 fashion month, so far.

1 – Aliet Sarah

2 – Scarlett Costello

3 – Chun Jin

4 – Claire Delozier

5 – Olivia O’Brien

6 – Xue Huizi

7 – Emily Driver

8 – Medea Morton

9 – Sophia Vetro

10 – Daira Silva