'Northern Highs' Winter 2022 Ad Campaign

Review of Closed ‘Northern Highs’ Winter 2022 Ad Campaign by Photographer Ina Lekiewicz with models Caren Jepkemei, Lennon Gallagher

Shot in Scotland, the Northern Highs campaign by Ina Lekiewicz features female model Caren Jepkemei and male model Lennon Gallagher.

The Northern Highs collection features chunky cable knits in neutral colors, checked outerwear with a classic appeal, luxurious shearling jackets and XL scarves. Updated knit patterns, bold stripes and unique structures add a contemporary twist to Closed’s high-quality winter essentials. Scotland has never been so warm and cosy.

Photographer | Ina Lekiewicz
Models | Caren Jepkemei, Lennon Gallagher
Location | Scotland

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