Spring 2020 Ad Campaign

Fendi Creative Director Silvia Venturini Fendi has tapped British photographer Nick Knight to lens an ad campaign that manifests a slick and diverting extravaganza of colour. Lean layers of lucite into kaleidoscopic overlappings, add some prismatic powder-coated lawn furniture, plus a few brilliantly bedazzled models, and viola! You have a recipe for a technicolor feast for the eyes.

Knight has an uncanny eye for visual experimentation, and this campaign is no exception. As described above, he is able to use seemingly banal objects such as sheet plastic and lawn furniture to create something enticing that stimulates the senses. Clever utilization of reflections and translucencies infuse the candy-coloured imagery with an optical allure that really stands up to repeated viewing. Bring on the colour!

Fendi Creative Director | Silvia Venturini Fendi
Photographer | Nick Knight 
Models | Adut Akech, Jing Wen, Rianne Van Rompaey
Stylist | Chaos Fashion
Hair | Sam McKnight
Makeup | Val Garland
Location | London