Fostering Future Icons: YSL Beauté Launches ‘Push the Boundaries Prize’ Mentoring Program for Artistic Visionaries

A Mentoring Program To Celebrate Tomorrow’s Cultural Change-Makers

YSL Beauté has always been more than a brand. As a designer, M. Saint Laurent participated in the transformation of an era, and today, that desire to disrupt continues.

Beyond creating ground-breaking products, it supports cultural change-makers who push the limits of convention and move the world forward – unapologetically. In 2020 YSL Beauté created Push The Boundaries: a program that pays tribute to those who dare; who drive society forward, and who lead more change. This long-term project launched with powerful documentaries that exposed these change–makers’ ferocious creative energy and desire to go beyond the limits imposed by society. YSL Beauté supports artistic excellence and the transmission of knowledge to future generations.

Not simply a documentary, Push The Boundaries is a program and media platform that gives voice to those wishing to break down social and cultural stereotypes and forge a path that changes the world as we know it. To remix, to play, to dance and push the limits, bringing together talent from three artistic passions: dancing, Dj’ing and music production, and gaming. Each passion becomes an expression of that artist, provoking wider social and cultural disruption that leaves a new imprint for the future – and inspires others to make their voice heard through their unique talent.


YSL Beauté knows that art can never be fixed: it must constantly change and evolve to break the rules and drive change. This year, that next wave of change comes via a ground-breaking Push The Boundaries Mentoring Program & Prize.

Working in support of the most inspirational talent from creative territories such as dance, music production and gaming, YSL Beauté has created a global mentorship program to help artists pursue their radical dreams by offering them creative advice and lessons in beauty.

Today, YSL Beauté supports change-makers who share this mindset and an audacious hunger for a new future: to be the next evolution – and Push The Boundaries to the next level. Because we all have the power to create change,


YSL Beauté stands apart as an early leader in emerging cultural change, igniting meaningful conversations and driving tangible actions. As such, the new Push The Boundaries Prize is a mentoring program to support and empower artists. As the first coaching program, it unites world-leading mentors from each of the three arts with the next generation of talent to amplify their art and help them bring their projects to successful fruition on a global stage.

As celebrated cultural disruptors, each of our mentors have been carefully selected from around the world to guide the chosen “talent” with invaluable experience and expertise while helping them complete their projects – and ultimately, win the Push The Boundaries Prize.

Each mentor will be there to provide always-on advice, plus beauty tips to showcase their art, offering participants an unparalleled opportunity to amplify their passion and gain access to education and support they wouldn’t find anywhere else.

The Push the Boundaries Prize 2023 is much more than just a competition; it is a genuine international mentoring program featuring three expert coaches in the fields of dance, DJing, and gaming. Jaxon Willard, Chloé Caillet, and Honey Puu are the distinguished mentors who will guide the six young talents. Each of the six artists has been selected for their vision, passion, and unique project aimed at helping communities and driving societal progress.

Each of the six talented artists have been selected for their vision and passion for dancing, gaming, music production & Dj’ing, that stands behind a unique project dedicated to helping communities and pushing society forward.

 Each week, a video is released to coincide with each step of the program. Following a teaser movie, a “meet the mentors” video introduce us to Jaxon, HoneyPuu and Chloé. A “meet the talent” movie introduces each artist from the three disciplines. Then watch as they receive exclusive coaching sessions with their mentors to develop their change–making project.

At the end of the program, one winner will be selected.

The choice of the winner will be mainly based on the public vote – 80% – and on the decision given by 3 external experts from gaming, music producing & djing and dancing – 20%.

Once the winner selected, YSL Beauté will give financial support to their project.

Follow along and support the journey of each mentor and “talent” by visiting the website as each episode is released and the final winner is announced.

Starting May 17th follow The Push The Boundaries Prize on: @yslbeauty YslBeautyOfficial

And on to follow the program and to vote.

Credits photos Hope Paris & Crush