Junn-J Ad Campaign


Spring 2022 Ad Campaign

Review of Juun.J Spring 2023 Ad Campaign by Creative Director Jung Wook-jun with Photographer Hong Jang Hyun with models Taemin Park, HyunJi Shin

Juun.J destroys and rebuilds denim with a crisp new reveal campaign for its Spring 2023 collection. The campaign was captured by Hong Jang Hyun, one of South Korea’s most prolific and celebrated photographers.

Hong takes a straightforward yet dramatic approach to crafting his black-and-white studio portraits, putting an emphasis on the spirit of the collection, which brings Juun.J’s signature design touches of technical details and deconstructed tailoring, with a sophisticated yet subversive spirit, to reimagining denim.

Though almost all of the images are captured in black and white, one all-over red look is captured in color, lending a bold and vibrant punctuation to the campaign as a whole.

In the brand’s signature and consistent style, the images are finished off with its logo, but extended into “juun.jeans,” smartly developing an established brand identity and capturing the campaign’s energy of creativity and precision.

The accompanying short film taps into the runway format’s ability to communicate the power of the clothing in motion, while deepening the moodiness of the photographs through a haunting electronic soundtrack and evocative editing effects like timelapse, blur, and slow motion.

The collection also forms the debut presentation and lookbook for the collection, smartly leaning into the longer format of the film and comprehensive collection of photographs to give us a whole view of its character. In addition to being a stylish and holistic approach to conveying the collection, it lets the brand kill two birds with one stone, executing presentation and campaign all at once. Now the only problem is having to wait until next spring.

Juun.J Creative Director | Jung Wook-jun
Photographer | Hong Jang Hyun
Models | Taemin Park, HyunJi Shin
Hair | Lee Hyun Woo

Senior Fashion Writer | The Impression
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