JW Anderson Spring 2020 Fashion Ad Campaign Photos

JW Anderson

Spring 2020 Ad Campaign

Photographer Tyler Mitchell, the first black photographer to shoot a September issue of Vogue, returns again to reteam with the house of JW Andrson, having shot the designer’s Fall campaign.

The pairing of Tyler and Andeson, along with creative agency M/M Paris, is just the right meld of awe, interest, and youthful optimism. The art direction is a hybrid of found-art like artistry from oversized painted canvases depicting suburban settings to larger-than-life tricycles, jump-ropes, mini-trampolines blended with retro sepia-like tones and pastels. The result is a campaign that transcends fashion into art and fits with the intellectual spirit of Jonathan Anderson’s artisanal vision.

The carefree feeling breathes fresh air, wonder, and warmth into a world overcrowded with despair and cynicism, and shows that fashion understands the desires of the subconscious undertones of the needs of humanity.

JW Anderson Creative Director | Jonathan Anderson
Agency | M/M Paris
Creative Director | Mathias Augustyniak & Michael Amzalag
Photographer | Tyler Mitchell
Models |  Enonha, Djeneba, Krisha, Rose, Romance, Hamza, Jerell, Khalid 
Stylist | Benjamin Bruno
Hair | Cyndia Harvey
Makeup | Lauren Parsons
Casting Director | Julia Lange
Set Designer | Andy Hillman
Production | Holmes Production

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