Lancel 2023 ad campaign with Lili Reinhart


2023 Ad Campaign

Review of Lancel 2023 Ad Campaign by Photographer Peter Ash Lee with Talent Lili Reinhart

Lancel celebrates heritage handbag style with a new campaign for Spring 2023 starring actor Lili Reinhart, who is captured by photographer Peter Ash Lee.

The actor is captured in a series of studio portraits that, despite their simplicity and one-dimensional character, do manage to make a bigger impact thanks to the styling choices that favor fluid and sculptural pleated dresses.

The accompanying short film gives a bit of a behind-the-scenes look at the shoot and sees Reinhart tell us a bit about the brand and her relationship with Lancel designs. Unfortunately, however, it’s not very interesting or informative; we “learn” that Lancel is a Parisian heritage brand that’s almost 150 years old and that they are “really passionate about what they do.”

It just doesn’t feel very convincing or give us a reason to feel excited about the brand’s point of view. We recently saw a Gucci campaign that took a somewhat similar approach and explored the history and construction of its 1947 bag that nailed the approach thanks to thoughtful storytelling and great production. This campaign, however, falls a bit flat.

Photographer | Peter Ash Lee
Talent | Lili Reinhart

Senior Fashion Writer | The Impression
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