Miu Miu

Mon-Star Ad Campaign by videographer ERAXVI

At first look, Miu Miu’s new videos for their Miu Mon-Star sneaker might camouflage as a MTV music video from the 80’s. However, with a closer glance it is clear that these crystal encrusted, clunky sneakers are anything but objects of yesterday. From their reminiscent childhood impressions, these glistening shoes imaged by videographer ERAXVI make for a timeless ad campaign but that is sure to light up the street and your feet.

The childhood playground staple light-up sneakers have been upgraded for the adult population with the Mon-star. The clunky sneakers are effervescent in their retro advertisement attracting a nostalgic feel to a very modern looking shoe. Choosing to advertise in such in an ’80s inspired feel brings reminiscence and nostalgia to the shoe’s connotation. Through this effect, Miu Miu connects past experience with a future fashion feel and invites the consumer to have a personal connection to a new buy—something very rare to come across. 

The name “Miu Mon-Star” brings a variety of connotations. Firstly, the separation of the word to include ‘star.’ This distinction highlights the bright and luminous effects the crystalized shoes hold. It also brings stardom to the consumer, as in their Miu Mon-stars they are starlike themselves.  Secondly, the original word, ‘monster,’ they are playing on is a word that is the name for various things that go from the creature under your bed to the energy drink that keeps multitudes of people running. Using this name imposes the same feels of elevated heartbeats and unique energies that are found in Monster(s) and in Mon-star.

The artistic development of a grainy, greenscreened music video exhibits the style and swagger that comes along with these unique shoes. Miu Miu is taking a star-studded sneaker to the street style wear. With the recognizable advertisement and embellished shoes, the Mon-stars are sure to have you screaming with excellence. 

Miu Miu Creative Director | Miuccia Prada
Video | ERAXVI
Model | Sofia Fanego
Music | Itesa

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