3.paradis Spring 2025 Men's Fashion Show
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Spring 2025 Men's Fashion Show

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Get an exclusive look at 3.paradis‘s innovative Spring 2025 men’s fashion show from the runways of Paris Men’s Fashion Week, held in June 2024.

Emeric Tchatchoua Explores Identity Through Fashion

Emeric Tchatchoua, a finalist for the Andam Prize, presented his first official Paris show, blending his multicultural background into a unique collection. Describing himself as a “third-culture kid” with roots in Cameroon, Parisian birth, and Canadian upbringing, Tchatchoua aims to capture the essence of a globalized world where people feel connected to multiple places.

His collection featured a mix of familiar silhouettes, such as dove print pieces and multiwaisted trompe l’oeil jeans, alongside new technological experiments. Tchatchoua incorporated 3D “lenticular printing” in collaboration with Les Teintures de France, pushing the boundaries of fashion innovation.

Notable pieces included denim printed with a flip-open Motorola Razr cell phone motif, symbolizing Tchatchoua’s return to Europe. Fabrics that changed colors as models walked down the runway, Lego building block patterns, and sportswear inspired by hip-hop culture all appeared, showcasing the designer’s diverse influences.

The collection also featured bright checks, handwoven fabrics from Tchatchoua’s ancestral village, and collaborations with Paris Saint-Germain football team on a unique soccer jersey. His pieces paid homage to the Abacost jacket style popular in post-colonial Africa, seamlessly blending elements from different cultures.