Alexander McQueen Pre-Spring 2020 by Ethan James Green Photos

Alexander McQueen

Pre-Spring 2020 by Ethan James Green

The concept of brands as content creators and editorialist is on full display in Alexander McQueen’s latest showcase of Creative Director Sarah Burton Pre-Spring by Photographer Ethan James Green.

The narrative captures Ethan’s long-term collaborators Dara, Marcs Goldberg and Torraine Futurum in an editorial piece that would have fit right into the Impression magazine’s own pages. Ethan James Green has a keen hand and eye for coloring that transcends the narrative of trans-gender to draw the viewer into a world of dramatic luxury were gender isn’t the story, beauty is. It is a sublime and stunning story that many a design house would be wise to recognize that talent counts, both in front of and behind the lens.

Alexander McQueen Creative Director | Sarah Burton
Photographer | Ethan James Green
Models | Dara, Marcs Goldberg & Torraine Futurum

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