Altuzarra spring 2023 ad campaign photo


Spring 2023 Ad Campaign

Review of Altuzarra Spring 2023 Ad Campaign by Creative Director Joseph Altuzarra with Art Director Florentin Tuillier and Photographer Sonia Szostak with models Alyda Grace and Chloe Oh

Altuzarra heads to Chile for a stunning Spring 2023 campaign. The campaign was lensed by photographer Sonia Szostak with art direction from Florentin Tuillier.

The imagery was shot at the stunning and otherworldly Salar de Tala in Chile, a salt flat set on the crater of Vilama Volcano that houses a rich ecosystem and monumental geological formations. Red and brown alpine desert gives way to beautifully green spreads of moss and shrubs, while shallow expanses of gathered rainwater reflect the limitless sky.

Pretty much any campaign captured in such a scenic location is bound to look great, but Szostak does an exceptional job of responding to the environment and drawing out its incredible play of color and landscape. Sensitive to the gorgeously shifting chromatic palette as afternoon changes to twilight and wind picks up red dust, she portrays models Alyda Grace and Chloe Oh as both grounded, adventurous women of the world and as nymphs that reveal in nature something divine. This feeling is nicely supported by the collection itself, which elegantly blends the earthy and the mystical.

This campaign proves once again that a well-chosen and unique location goes a long way. Even so, when it comes to fashion campaigns a location is only as strong as the eye behind the camera and the people and designs who populate it – and Altuzarra has done excellent work on all these fronts.

Altuzarra Creative Director | Joseph Altuzarra
Art Director | Florentin Tuillier
Photographer | Sonia Szostak
Videographer | Lukasz Dziedzic
Models | Alyda Grace and Chloe Oh
Stylist | Anita Szymczak
Photo Assistant | Szymon Gosławski
Location | Salar de Tara, Chile