The Best Fashion Films homepage header from Spring 2024 with film stills from Prada, Loewe and Zara

The Best Fashion Films of Spring 2024

The Best Fashion Films of the Spring 2024 Season

As fashion design is essentially about clothing in motion, and digital technology and platforms like smart phones and social media apps means moving images are more accessible than ever, film in fashion continues to reign supreme. While a runway show might give a more natural and full picture of the clothing itself, film is the most effective platform for communicating the image and idea of a body of design work. Brands are wise to use this medium to its fullest potential, and this season there was no shortage of excellent approaches to it.

Last year saw the continued trend of video and other digital formats usurping traditional photography campaigns as the main mode of fashion communication, and this pattern continued to develop during the first part of 2024. Nonetheless, many of the year’s strongest films focused on narrative, big production, and references to the legacy of cinema as opposed to the kind of snappy, lo-fi approaches that we’ve seen brands shift to in order to thrive on TikTok. This shift back shows luxury brands are continuing to be flexible and think about what it means to communicate heritage and luxury while still being digitally relatable and accessible to a younger generation.

Avellano referenced the original X-Men trilogy with its telekinetically powered campaign starring Noah Cyrus. Dsquared2 looked back even further with a cleverly fourth-wall-breaking campaign that channeled Hollywood’s golden age of adult film production, while Chanel went back still further to reference a gem of 60s French cinema in its understated short starring Brad Pitt and Penelope Cruz. Loewe explored eras of style with its hilarious, decades-traversing spelling bee film, and Dior crafted something like a visual Jane Austen novel.

Prada, meanwhile, eschewed the trends of story and setting and shared a visually minimal campaign film that put a simple yet dramatic emphasis on the brilliantly crafted details of the collection.

Finally, Skims deserves a special nod for its campaign film that debuted during the Super Bowl and once again positioned Kim Kardashian as a marketing master, playing up her cultish status while using clever sci-fi visuals to emphasize the exacting production process behind her brand.

Here are The Impression’s picks for the best fashion films of the Spring 2024 season as selected by our editorial team.


Avellano Creative Director | Arthur Avellano
Photographer & Director | Jean-Charles Charavin
Models | Noah Cyrus, Sloan Waltz, and Vere Ronner
Hair | Kandi Hernandez and Laura Rugetti
Makeup | Jeannie Giannone
Manicurist | Michelle Tran
Location | Los Angeles, California


Chanel Creative Director | Virginie Viard
Photographer | Inez and Vinoodh
Models | Penelope Cruz, Brad Pitt, and Rianne Van Rompaey
Location | Deauville, France


Dior Creative Director | Maria Grazia Chiuri
Creative Director | Margot Populaire
Photographer | Tina Barney
Models | Alice McGrath, Rosanna Ovalles
Stylist | Elin Svahn
Hair | Damien Boissinot
Makeup | Peter Philips


Director | Nadia Lee Cohen @ DMB.
Creative Director | Giovanni Bianco @ GB65
Talent | Natasa Vojnovic, Tony Ward, Brady Johnson, Hudson Primo and Mahi
Stylist | Haley Wollens
Make Up | Yadim @ Art Partner
Hair Artist | Jake Gallagher @ The Only Agency
Manicurist | Yoko @ A-Frame Agency
Casting | Julia Lange @ Artistry


Ferragamo Creative Director | Maximilian Davis
Creative Director | Ferdinando Verderi
Photographer | Vanina Sorrenti
Models | Natalia Vodianova and Luca Lemaire
Stylist | Carlos Nazario
Hair | Virginie Pinto Moreira
Makeup | Thom Walker

Jean Paul Gaultier

Jean Paul Gaultier Creative Director | Florence Tetier
Photographer & Director | Torso
Models | Amelia Gray and Tokischa
Stylist | Georgia Pendlebury
Hair | Charlie Le Mindu
Makeup | Lucy Bridge
Manicurist |
Casting Director | Julia Lange
Set Designer | Till Duca
Location | Paris


Loewe Creative Director | Jonathan Anderson
Director | Ally Pankiw
Writer | Dan Levy
Photographer | Hedi Stanton
Talent | Aubrey Plaza and Dan Levy
Stylist | Harry Lambert
Hair | Michelle Ceglia
Makeup | Fulvia Farolfi
Set Designer | Lauren Nikrooz


Prada Creative Directors | Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons
Creative Director | Ferdinando Verderi
Photographer | Willy Vanderperre
Talent | Ajah Angau, Mica Argaranaz, Loli Bahia, Lexi Boling, Jolien Bosman, Oninyechi Chijoke, Sora Choi, Rejoice Chuol, Elise Crombez, Anica Cuca, Sanja Dalecka, Mathilde Denard, Dominika, Lina Emelianova, Farah, Selena Forrest, Elen Giunio, Nastya Honchrova Du Juan, Qin Lei, Julia Meseguer, Amanda Murphy, Julia Nobis, Ornella, Lila Pankova, Romi Peled, Eliza Petersen, Sascha Rajasalu, Laura Reyes, Alyosia Salamatina, Diana Skowron, Penelope Ternes, Denyse Tumukunde, Ilya Vermeulen, Freya Vervaet, Nikki Vrekic, Rianne Von Rompaey, Liu Wen, Anok Yai, Lina Zhang


Skims Creative Director | Kim Kardashian
Director | Frank Lebon
Production | Wieden+Kennedy
Models | Kim Kardashian


Zara Studio Creative Director | Karl Templer
Agency | Baron & Baron
Creative Director | Fabien Baron
Associate Creative Director | Jieun Lim
Art Director | Brian Kang
Photographer | Steven Meisel
Models | Fei Fei Sun, Rosalieke Fuchs, Nyawurch Chuol, and Vivienne Rohner
Stylist | Karl Templer