Handbag Trend - Colors Abound

Handbag Trend – Colors Abound

Spring 2022 Fashion Trend

Colorful Spring 2022 Handbag Fashion Trend

Black and brown leather may be eternal, but this season’s handbags are all about the color. The designers of Spring 2022 embraced a bouquet of color for the return of physical shows, putting all the joy and variety of spring in the palm of our hand.

Dior updated classic shapes and introduced new ones in a range of bright colors that accompanied its unexpected yet welcome pivot to a 60’s-mod look for the season. Chloé wisely carried the collection’s colorful braided and scalloped motifs across a range of bags. Puppets and Puppets cheekily updated their already-iconic cookie bag with black-and-white and braided-donut varieties. Fendi injected color and pattern into its iconic double-F’s, a welcome move from new creative director Kim Jones after his more neutral first collection.

Emporio Armani
Versace Spring 2022 Fashion Show

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