Prada 365 Fall 2019 Ad Campaign


365 Fall 2019 Ad Campaign

Cyberspace love and the overtake of Tinder relationships have switched courtesy into a world that has simplified the emotion love. Behold, Prada’s 365 Fall 2019 ad campaign lensed by Willy Vanderperre with creative direction by DJA emerges to rebirth the timeless emotion that seems to have dwindled in society today. This human desire has entered an age of collision as the soulful emotion now translates through an object as inanimate as the cellphone. However, the romantic atmosphere is evolved to a new spirit for Prada as the brand turns to its fall collections to represent the identity of the season of modern love.

Prada’s campaign explores how love and romance can still flourish in society’s screen age as photographer Willy Vanderperre captures the creative direction of DJA pushing the natural beauty of florals and vine flourishing through a cold concrete city. DJA ingeniously compares the possibility of romance in the modern world to the visualities of exterior forces becoming interior, natural elements intertwining with the industrial atmosphere, and delicacy breathing through the rigid particles of cement. This interlocking of seeming opposites in fact increases tension between man and nature as the individual and community explores an aura of interlace.

From DJA building the shocking ecosystem of opposites, a community is fostered as individuals are able to come together or arrive into themselves. In a rigid cemented setting, Prada’s ad campaign is still able to depict the quintessence of passion. A new hope for romance in this day and age has evolved. This ad campaign urges community to circulate to a new destination of intimacy within oneself and within companionship: a hope so attractive, the world may just have to “swipe right” on Prada.

Prada Creative Director | Miuccia Prada
Agency | DJA
Photographer | Willy Vanderperre
Models | Sora Choi, Lillian Conner, Freja Beha Erichsen, Gigi Hadid, Berit Heitmann, Maud Hoevelaken, Britt Van Den Herik, Rebecca Leigh, Elsemarie Riis, Mona Tougaard, Jing Wen, Anok Yai,  Kirill Astashev, Daan Duez, Jeremiah Fordjour, Wellington Grant, Yang Hao, Freek Iven, Jeranimo van Russel, Nathan Westling