Saint Laurent Valentine's Day 2020 Fashion Ad Campaign Photos

Saint Laurent

Valentine's Day 2020 Ad Campaign

Saint Laurent Rive Droite is the place to go for a smorgasbord of splendid Valentine’s Day items, such as lighters, tote bags and padlocks in the shape of a heart. Only your lover will hold the key. The accompanying ad campaign is elegant and edgy, featuring a cute couple that almost look like fraternal twins due to their identical haircuts and lanky frames.

It must be said that many couples start to resemble each other stylistically over time, due to cohabitation, the sharing of one another’s clothing, etc. Therefore the visual similarity of the ad campaign’s couple has the surprising (and possibly unintentional) effect of making them seem more believable. Asymmetrical tattoos add an additional element of authenticity to the campaign. To further celebrate V-Day, flower bouquets wrapped in Saint Laurent Je t’aime paper will be available in stores, and Saint Laurent’s love patterned condoms will be gifted with the purchase of a bouquet. Additional Valentine’s Day-themed items will be available exclusively at the Saint Laurent Rive Droite boutique in Paris and Los Angeles stores.

Saint Laurent Creative Director | Anthony Vaccarello
Photographer | Juergen Teller