Top 10 Breakout Fashion Ad Campaigns of Fall 2023

The Best Breakout Fashion Ad Campaigns of 2023 as chosen by Kenneth Richard

While having great product and a distinct design perspective are essential ingredients for a young brand’s growth towards success, ad campaigns can be even more important. The campaign is how you fill a static design element with life and direction, inviting potential customers to take the brand’s narrative in their own direction.

The Attico harnessed the energy of its debut runway show in Milan with a similarly strong campaign that appeared around the same time. Brand-new brand Zomer debuted with a campaign that nodded to childhood fashion fantasy in the form of its all-kid cast.
Les Benjamins and Bagllet drew on the visual energy of sci-fi classics like Dune and The Matrix, while Altuzarra and Shushu/Tong showed that often all that’s needed to elevate a lookbook into a campaign is a smart art director.

Here are The Impression’s Top 10 Breakout campaigns of the Fall 2023 season as selected by
Cheif Impressionist Kenneth Richard.

Ader Error


Altuzarra Creative Director | Joseph Altuzarra
Creative Director | Florentin Tuillier
Photographer | Dudi Hasson
Videographer | Lukasz Dziedzic
Models | Amar Akway, Beatriz Machado, Canlan Wang, and Cyrielle Lalande
Stylist | Caitlin Burke
Stylist Assistant | Christel Michelle
Photo Assistant | Kfir Mkonann
Photo Assistant 2 | Louis-Philippe Beauduin
Photo Assistant 3 | Eva Somers
Location | Brussels, Belgium

The Attico

The Attico Creative Directors | ilda Ambrosio and Giorgia Tordini
Photographer | Vito Fernicola
Art Direction | Louis Burguet
Models | Steinberg
Stylist | Emmanuelle Alt
Hair | Benjamin Muller
Makeup | Ana Takahashi
Casting Director | Piergiorgio Del Moro, DM Casting
Set Designer | Martina Colli


Creative Director / Stylist | Vlad Askerov
Photographer | Denis Manokha
Model | Sasha Knysh
Style Assistant | Vadym Onyshchenko
Hair | Julia Stets
Makeup | Kateryna Tokareva
Location | Kyiv, Ukraine

Fear Of God

Fear Of God Creative Director | Jerry Lorenzo
Photographer / Videographer | Dexter Navy
Models | Clavish
Stylist | Yashua Simmons

Les Benjamins

Creative Director | Bunyamin Aydin
Photographer | Cho Gi-Seok 


Materiel Creative Director | Maia Gogiberidze
Models | Sopho Liparteliani, Nino Chichinadze, and Marisha Gvidani
Hair| Viktoria Gigiashvili
Makeup | Luchia Devejieva


Noah Creative Director | Brendon Babenzien
Art Director | Tyler Wray
Photographer | Samuel Bradley
Models | Hannah Han, Sally Bloom
Hair | Taichi Saito
Makeup | Shoko Sawatari
Set Designer | Caz Slattery


Shushu/Tong Creative Directors | Liushu Lei and Yutong Jiang
Creative Director | Ryan Wong
Photographer | Marili Andre
Model | Tanya Churbanova
Stylist | Liu Xiao
Hair | Yuji Okuda
Makeup | Aurore Gibrien
Casting Director | Vince Lou
Set Designer | Olivia Aine
Stylist Assistant | Moni
Production | Producinglove
Retouching | Aly Studio


Zomer Creative Directors | Danial Aitouganov and Imruh Asha
Photographer | Oliver Hadlee Pearch