y-3 Fall Ad Campaign 2023


Fall 2023 Ad Campaign

Review of Y-3 Fall 2023 Ad Campaign by Creative Director Yohji Yamamoto with Photographer Lengua with models Tricky, La Timpa, Dimitra and Soraya, Mobilegirl, Why Be, and Bill Kouligas

Y-3 celebrates the style and personalities of Berlin’s legendary techno scene with its new Fall 2023 Chapter 3 campaign, shot by photographer Lengua.

With the brand’s Spring campaigns captured across Yohji Yamamoto’s home country of Japan, this new chapter finds the collaborators in Adidas’ home of Germany, where Berlin’s vibrant creative community forms both the backdrop and the cast of the campaign. Stars include Tricky, LA Timpa, Dimitra and Soraya, Why Be, Mobilegirl, and Bill Kouligas, each of whom is a distinct voice in the city’s electronic music scene.

Local photographer Lengua teamed with movement director Thyago Sainte to craft the portraits of these creative personalities, shooting them in motion against eclectic locales across the city, from abandoned industrial sites that could very well be a rave location to lush parks. The collection’s latest take on synthesizing classic sportswear, traditional Japanese design, and avant-garde experimentation takes on a stylish new impact in conversation with these personalities seen in motion.

The two fashion powerhouses behind Y-3 both emerged from and have since influenced rich artistic communities, so it’s great to see the brand pay homage to a creative scene that’s close to home while further strengthening these bonds with a new generation.

Y-3 Creative Director | Yohji Yamamoto
Photographer | Lengua
Models | Tricky, La Timpa, Dimitra and Soraya, Mobilegirl, Why Be, and Bill Kouligas
Location | Berlin