Yohji Yamamoto Spring 2025 Men's Fashion Show
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Yohji Yamamoto

Spring 2025 Men's Fashion Show

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Get an exclusive look at Yohji Yamamoto‘s innovative Spring 2025 men’s fashion show from the runways of Paris Men’s Fashion Week, held in June 2024.

Yohji Yamamoto Unveils Comforting Light Collection in Response to World Events 

Yohji Yamamoto’s latest collection is a breath of fresh air amid unsettling global events. With a focus on lightness and comfort, the designer presented a range of loose-fitting garments that exude a sense of ease and tranquility.

Discussing his inspiration for this season’s collection, Yamamoto shared, “The world is becoming more dangerous.” He mentioned turning to Buddhism to cope with the challenges around him. “I started when I was young, but understanding Buddhism is so difficult,” he added.

Yamamoto’s designs are not only a response to geopolitics but also the urgent climate crisis. The collection features pieces perfect for hot summers, reflecting the designer’s awareness of environmental concerns.

The clothes showcased in the collection lacked linings, focusing instead on long layers and loose silhouettes. From flowing T-shirts to roomy trousers and asymmetrical frock coats, each piece exuded a sense of ease and wearability.

Well-known actress Charlotte Rampling, a longtime friend of Yamamoto, graced the runway in oversized trousers and suspenders, adding a touch of whimsy to the show. The collection featured playful elements, including colorful designs, uplifting phrases, and intricate details like scribble prints and doodles.

Despite the apparent simplicity of the designs, Yamamoto’s attention to detail was evident. The lack of linings required intricate stitching to maintain the shape of the garments, a challenge the designer embraced with his characteristic passion for learning and innovation.

Rampling, praising Yamamoto’s craftsmanship, highlighted the timeless quality of his pieces, saying, “I have many, many pieces — and you keep them all when they’re from Yohji. They go on forever.”

Overall, Yamamoto’s collection offers comfort and optimism in uncertain times, reminding us of the enduring power of well-crafted garments that stand the test of time.