YSL Beauty Introduces MYSLF Fragrance with Austin Butler

The actor emerges as the global ambassador for the new scent, embracing modern masculinity

YSL Beauty has debuted Austin Butler as its newest global ambassador, following its prior collaboration with Lenny Kravitz for the men’s Y fragrance. Butler, known for his recent role in the 2022 Elvis biopic, brings his unique perspective to YSL Beauty’s heritage.

Marking his initiation with the brand, Butler is featured prominently in the campaign for the newly released MYSLF fragrance. Through the campaign, he underscores the ideals of being “proud, strong, and free” in today’s world, challenging traditional notions.

The MYSLF fragrance boasts a diverse blend of notes symbolizing the complexities of contemporary masculinity. It commences with the invigorating aroma of bergamot, transitioning to the heart note of orange blossom, and concludes with a deep woody resonance.

With this latest scent and Butler’s ambassadorship, YSL Beauty aims to provoke thought, challenging entrenched norms associated with both masculinity and femininity. The MYSLF campaign visuals can be viewed in the brand’s gallery.