Bally Debuts E-Bike In Collaboration With 3T Cycling

Bally Debuts E-Bike In Collaboration With 3T Cycling

Bally introduced a global collaboration with 3T Cycling on a limited-edition Bally Peak Outlook e-Bike; this is the first time in the brand’s history that a bike has been designed.

The Bally-designed e-bike encapsulates the core values of the Swiss brand: outstanding craftsmanship, a purposeful integrity and an active spirit. What’s more, 100 percent of the net profits will be donated to the Bally Peak Outlook Foundation to further its work and commitment to mountain preservation.

Featuring an entirely handmade frame in naked carbon—resulting in innovatively lightweight bodywork— the Exploro Racemax Boost model designed by Bally in Switzerland and manufactured in Italy by 3T comes in three sizes and is a futuristic move in the right direction towards more sustainable lifestyles.

Made for extreme, sporting and urban climes alike, the model utilizes an Exploro Ultra MAHLE Ebikemotion X35 System, making light work of the most challenging terrains. This is demonstrated by longtime Bally Peak Outlook collaborator and environmentalist Dawa Steven Sherpa, who put the e-bike to the test in the Italian Swiss Alps for the accompanying campaign.

Over the years, the Bally Peak Outlook Foundation has built a broad coalition of global partners who have provided vital guidance and insights into its sustainability efforts. Now the Foundation enters the next chapter of this important work with this e-Bike collaboration.

This considered partnership with 3T Bike reinforces our commitment to sustainability. Through our continued work with the Bally Peak Outlook Foundation, we are striving to act both proactively and responsibly to contribute towards a more climate-conscious future for all

– Bally’s Chief Executive Officer Nicolas Girotto

The limited-edition e-Bike will be displayed in selected Bally stores worldwide accompanied by a digital campaign on the Swiss brand’s platforms. Customers visiting the Bally website will be redirected to purchase the e-Bike through 3T, who are managing production, sales and distribution.

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