Bras and Bandeaus Spring 2021 Fashion Trend

Bras and Bandeaus were all over the Spring 2021 runways. Lingerie continues to be a staple in wardrobes as long as they are done elegantly, minimal, or kitschy cool. “Breathing” new life into this market was the bandeau replacing the popular corset from last year. The bandeau dates back to Ancient Greece, where they were called apodesmos and were typically made from wool or linen.

Designer brands such as Hermès, Boss, Rick Owens, and Emilio Pucci did the bandeau offering minimal chic. Dior worked beautifully into the design of evening wear. And why not wear the bra on the outside such as Simone Rocha, Sacai, Drome, Koche, and Simonetta Ravizza.

Alberta Ferretti