Men’s Silhouettes ​- Jumpsuits, Boxers, & Relaxed Suiting

Spring 2020 Menswear Trend

Men’s Spring 2020 leaned toward the more relaxed side of the menswear equation with designers opting for the easy of Jumpsuits, the freedom of Boxers, and the casualness of Relaxed Suiting.


Jumpsuits exist very practically. They’re worn by military officers, they’re used by manual laborers, and even by artists. Recently, jumpsuits have become fashion statements. Jumpsuits existed in many different ways at the men’s spring 2020 fashion shows. We saw bright orange jumpsuits from Vetements, and punk jumpsuits from Rick Owens. We saw pant-less jumpsuits from Raf Simons, and denim jumpsuits from Fendi. The narrative of the trend is clear: jumpsuits are as much for play as they are for work. 


Rumor has it that fashion cannot be comfortable. Even in menswear. Trends from this years’ spring runway shows seem to debunk that rumor, especially that of boxer shorts. Boxers are comfortable for a number of reasons, and are great in times of leisure and play. Designers from the spring shows have showed that with great styling and fabrication, boxer shorts can become an item for men, not boys. Louis Vuitton played with the cut and stitching of boxer shorts. Sacai played with length and layers. These designers not only made boxer shorts into a trend, but reinvented the concept itself. 

Relaxed Suiting

Everyone knows what a man in a suit symbolizes. Wealth. Status. There’s even a cool factor. This years’ men’s spring 2020 fashion shows saw a prevalence of relaxed suiting. Designers have taken the traditional suit, with all of its significations, and have made it all the more sassy and accessible. Imagine attending a performance in a relaxed suit from Givenchy. Imagine a dinner date in Officine Genéralé. Or stepping out into town in David Hart. That’d be cool.