Sacai Men's Spring 2021 Ad Campaign Photos


Men's Spring 2021 & Women's Pre-Spring Ad Campaign

Review of Sacai Men’s Spring 2021 & Women’s Pre-Spring Ad Campaign by Sacai Creative Director Chitose Abe, Hank Willis Thomas Studio, Creative Director Albert James Ignacio & Photographer Emmanuel Sanchez-Monsalve

Sacai gets real in a new Spring 2021 campaign. Created in collaboration with Hank Willis Thomas Studio and creative director Albert James Ignacio, the campaign brings in inspiring individuals who personify the creativity and multifacetedness of the new collection.

In signature Sacai fashion, the collection breaks down dichotomies between casual and formal, man and woman, part and whole. The pieces are literally and figuratively a patchwork; they draw their materials and inspiration from differing sources, uniting them in a unique and self-determining whole.

Taking his cue from this perspective of creativity and multiplicity, Ignacio brings in an exciting group of artists and creators (rather than models) to model the collection. Ranging from renowned jazz trumpeter Keyon Harrold to actor and disability and transgender rights activist Chella Man, the cast represents an inspiring cross-section of contemporary creativity.

Photographer Emmanuel Sanchez-Monsalve captures these heroes in sensitive studio portraiture. Standing before a lush gradient of reds, oranges, and purples, they each bring a calm and uniquely soulful energy. A strong sense of personality and dedication shines through each image. In one particularly heartfelt shot, the power couple of curator Rujeko Hockley and conceptual artist Hank Willis Thomas (who also worked on conceptualizing and creating the campaign) embrace.

We really appreciate that this campaign takes the time to slow down and focus on personalities and creative vision. Sacai’s collection is both thoughtful and accessible, and the campaign develops this theme by sensitively portraying a diverse, genuine, and inspiring group of individuals.

Sacai Creative Director | Chitose Abe
Agency | Hank Willis Thomas Studio
Creative Director | Albert James Ignacio
Photographer | Emmanuel Sanchez-Monsalve
Production | Equator Productions
Talent | Keyon Harrold, Mizuho Kappa, Zoë Buckman, Celine Semaan Vernon, Jason Moran, Chella Man, Hank Willis Thomas, & Rujeko Hockley
Stylist | Ade Samuel