Top 10 ‘Other’ Spring 2021 Fashion Shows

As Ranked by Kenneth Richard

Each season a slew of David’s battle with Goliaths. Armed with passion, drive, and speed, these designer brands compete side-by-side for attention launching adjacent to houses 10 times their age and with pockets 10,000 times deeper. No easy feat and they have our admiration.

Often these houses are lead by founding designers with their names on the label and personal imprint on the vision. Each season I look out at the landscape for those that aren’t at the scale of the behemoths to identify those that stood out due to their ingenuity, integrity of design, and ability to emote. Each of these houses is brave in my opinion, entering a crowded arena and through sheer tenacity and talent capturing attention without the means to buy it. They remind me of why I love the business to begin with, they humble me with their hustle, and they inspire me with thier vision. Here my picks for The Impression Top 10 ‘Other’ Spring 2021 Fashion Shows.


10 (tie) – Takahiromiyashita TheSoloist

10 – Simone Rocha

9 – Koché

8 – Molly Goddard

7 – Thebe Magugu

6 – Gabriele Colangelo

5 – Kenneth Ize

4 – Marine Serre

3 – Khaite

2 – Coperni

1 – Acne Studios

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