Acne Studios Teams with Grant Levy-Lucero on Capsule Collection

Inspired by Vintage California Marketing and Signage, Levy-Lucero’s Hand-Painted Designs Illuminate a Range of Casual Pieces

It’s the second time that Acne Studios have collaborated with a fellow Los Angeles-based artist, who is known for his painted ceramic pots and playful references to pop culture and sloganeering.

I’m constantly drawn to absurdity and branding, which is where the start of the print collaboration came from — taking these things and making them more sincere or putting it into something more real. I like to think I’m adding to Acne Studios in some way and really proud to be able to contribute to any sort of vernacular that Acne Studios uses.

Grant Levy-Lucero

Levy-Lucero’s print work for the collection draws on iconic California signage and marketing iconography, taking inspiration from sources like old flour sacks, soda advertisements, and Smokey the Bear PSA’s. Creating a playful unity of vintage and modern, the designs illuminate a range of neutral-toned pieces, from trousers and t-shirts to beanies and tote bags. All jersey-fleece used in the collection is made from organically grown cotton, and the beanies are made from RWS certified wool.

The collection is captured in a set of campaign images taken in Levy-Lucero’s ceramics studio, where his dog adorably models some of the accessories.