John Lobb Unveils Exclusive Boot Collection at New York Flagship Store

Over 150 years ago, John Lobb took his first steps in creating his own pair of boots, leading the way to a new and stylish way of roaming the world. Ever since, the British bootmaker has never ceased to accompany men, by reimagining boots, derbies, loafers or sneakers suited for all times and lifestyles. Today, more than ever, John Lobb is on a roll.

The house is finding a new echo. For its excellence not only relies on the skills of its workshop in Northampton or its Parisian atelier but also on the idea of perpetual motion, on its curiosity about the variety of men’s elegance around the world. This reach towards the contemporary is particularly expressed in its new global store concept, designed by French architecture studio ciguë.

Having first debuted in Paris and Beverly Hills in 2021, and now with its new flagship in New York located in 700 Madison Avenue, opening in November 2023, this relocation comes 23 years after the house opened its first store stateside just 100 numbers over on the same famed Avenue.
The new outpost doubles in size and expands the services provided by John Lobb, setting a milestone and reintroducing itself to the city.

Within each of these spaces, designed by ciguë, there is a central structure grounding the space: a built-in capsule in walnut wood and matte metal. The structure recalls the modernity of a science-fiction spaceship while being welcoming, reminding the front desk of a familiar hotel. This elegant architectural element will eventually be present in every John Lobb space around the world. This capsule becomes the perfect vessel for the house to express its values and to showcase the entire range of its numerous savoir-faire.

One of these values being sustainability, through Concierges who inside the capsule, welcome the customer seeking to have a cherished pair of shoes pampered, thus prolonging its lifetime. They will care for it, embellishing an old leather or repairing a heel. The structure houses other services of a high standard, such as John Lobb “By Request”. The drawers of the capsule contain numerous leather samples, colour charts, soles, choices of different metals for the buckles… Elements that offer the customer the ability to create his unique pair, with a plethora of possibilities.

The Bespoke service, considered the foundation of the house, is given pride of place in its Bespoke private salon, customers will come for the first measurement session, triggering an exceptional handcrafted process. The contour of the foot will then be sculpted by hand in hornbeam wood, and the pair of shoes will be constructed in the finest leathers. This taste for the noblest of the materials is directly reflected in the interior design of the stores, from the softness of the textiles to the details of the ceramic shelves, and especially in the streamlined simplicity of the capsule.

This style is refined, uncluttered, taking inspiration from the sculptures of Uruguayan artist Gonzalo Fonseca, who transformed the rawest of materials into timeless works of art. Central sofas by French designer Christophe Delcourt invite for a moment of conviviality. A gesture very much in line with the house of John Lobb, its graphic and unique designs, and its shoe ideal for every occasion, from the traditional suits to the more casual style, from the rugged outdoors to the comfort of home, from discretion to exuberance. Classical? Yes. But not only that.

New York, 700 Madison Avenue