by Kenneth Richard | The Impressionist

There is something charming about seeing the evolution of a talent and models are no exception. Like actors that turn directors, a few models have moved behind the lens and the Equipment brand was wise enough to capitalize on it this season with budding model turned photographer Daria Werbowy. For the Fall 2014 ad campaign, Daria created a series of self portraits as eight different women as well as filmed, edited and directed a fashion short. The series and film were done over a two week period at her home in Ireland with the help of her steady, Kenny Jossik.

Equipment is owned by Dutch LLC., who also owns Joie & Current/Elliott, and their CEO/Creative Director Serge Azria has been smart about enlisting talent such as The Kills for previous campaigns. We hope to see more CEO/Creative Directors take such calculated risk. We imagine the brand will continue it’s partnership with a subtle evolution for the next season and hope that Daria, the Creative Director, rises to the occassion.

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