Designer Anya Hindmarch & Creative Director David James Bag it

By Olivia Pentell | Impressionist

British handbag designer debonair, Anya Hindmarch, is back again with fun, quirky, and stylish leather handbags for Fall 2015. Similar to last season’s handbags, the Fall bags assume a vintage, pop art-esque position with a main focus on traffic symbols, and as showcased in the campaign images below, our good friend Tony the Tiger.

For the Fall 2015 ad campaign, Hindmarch worked with Creative Director David James of DJA once again,

We work with David James to create ‘still life’ compositions to reflect the humour and yet serious craftsmanship of the product in an artful way.

– Anya Hindmarch

That humor comes across in part by the partnership of on-set Prop Stylist, Hannes Hetta. Moreover, Hindmarch’s collaboration with David James of DJA is a perfect match for the vision of this season’s particular product, thanks to their mutual understanding of being oh so fashionably fun.

Working with Anya Hindmarch over the past four seasons, we have developed a visual style that effectively captures the values of the brand. This season’s playful take on road travel has been no exception – with beautiful chrome vintage headlamps and hubcaps juxtaposed with fluffy dice and a nodding dog! Over the years, we have fostered a very organic creative relationship and we are very happy to feel like part of the Anya family.

– DJA Studio

That family includes photographer of the campaign, Julia Hetta. Hetta captured and visually emphasized that each bag has their own personality and story to be told; each symbol literally points you in a separate direction. These bold designs and cartoonish add-ons reveal just why the Anya Hindmarch brand is so special – it’s different. 

Anya Hindmarch is additionally the only handbag company to put on a fashion show. View the latest handbags below, featured on both the runway and Fall 2015 ad campaign.

Anya Hindmarch fall 2015 ad campaign photo Anya Hindmarch fall 2015 ad campaign photo Anya Hindmarch fall 2015 ad campaign photo Anya Hindmarch fall 2015 ad campaign photo Anya Hindmarch fall 2015 ad campaign photo

Designer | Anya Hindmarch
Agency | DJA
Creative Director | David James
Photographer | Julia Hetta
Prop Stylist | Hannes Hetta