Argos Sliding Full-Force Into the Holidays


Skiing into the New Year is Argos’ 2015 holiday commercial, which takes place on the slopes of a huge mountain. (We’re thinking the Alps?)

Probably a pun to go with the marketing of their newest, fastest service ever with same-day delivery and collections in store in as little as 60 seconds, Argos’ commercial features skiers and snowboarders flying down a snowy mountain, bringing with them toys and every other product you can imagine.

But that’s not all the excitement. Also shredding down the mountain are human-sized hamster balls with toys inside, TV’s being pulled by sleds filled endlessly with clothes and stuffed animals that have been brought to life, snow-tubers being pulled by TV’s while playing newly-released video games, and more.

Proving this holiday season to mark their quickest service ever, Argos’ #justcantwait for Christmas, further reinforces viewers’ excitement for the holidays. Seeing this commercial, we #justcantwait to shred into Christmas.