Balmain’s Fall 2017 Fashion Film Brings Amazon Warriors Into the Modern Age


If Amazon warriors were still around in the year 2017, they would probably look like the ones inside of Balmain’s newest Fall 2017 fashion film, “B A L M A I N A M A Z O N E S.” Showing magnetic prowess in the one minute video are models Maartje Verhoef, Jourdan Dunn, Roos Abels, and many more.

With the florescent lights as their jungle, the women are shown dancing, strutting, and laughing together all while covered in gold, fur, snakeskin, and tiger stripes. The clothes are animalistic by design and the Amazons are animalistic by nature as Creative Director Pascal Dangin puts a modern spin on the archaic female warriors. These 21st century Amazons rock out to electric guitar, take selfies, and now slay Balmain dresses instead of ancient Greek heroes.

The film is smart as it plays off the idea of incredibly bad-ass warrior women in a nod to women’s empowerment as it shows women as strong, playful, agile, beautiful, and most of all having fun in their Balmain outfits.


Agency | Studio Dangin
Creative Director | Pascal Dangin
Models | Maartje Verhoef, Cindy Bruna, Alla Kostromichova, Jourdan Dunn, Dilone, Darya Kostenich, Lais Ribeiro, Lily Donaldson, Grace Bol, Pauline Hoarau, Sasha Luss, Amilna Estevao, Birgit Kos, Roos Abels, Ysaunny Brito, Josephine Le Tutour, Bhumika Arora, Carolina Thaler, Camille Hurel, Josephine Skriver, Susanne Knipper, & Jourdana Phillips