BANANA REPUBLIC celebrates personal style with actress and blogger JAMIE CHUNG and style ambassador/model JOHANNES HUEBL


There is a certain sense of charm that is reflected in the warmth of relatable smile and the ways of the South. For their Summer 2016 campaign, Banana Republic has married them both in a campaign lensed in Charleston, South Carolina featuring a groups of embraceable and socially savvy style ambassadors.

The campaign, shot by Ward Ivan Rafik and John Hillin, features actress-blogger Jamie Chung and style ambassador/model Johannes Huebl as well as Amy Jackson of Fashion Jackson and models Anais Mali, Nathan Bogle, Sasha M’baye, Tao Fernandez and Lais Oliveira (all of whom have significant social followings).

The brand also released a Style Icon video starring Chung as part of the campaign. The video portrays Chung strolling through the streets of Charleston, South Carolina and answering questions about her summer style preferences and favorite summer activities. The combination of the location, Chung’s fresh and unique look, and the collection pieces come together effortlessly to invite the viewer into the world of Southern charm.

The best part of the campaign is the brand’s ability to showcase the collection through real people and their individual styles and personalities. Similar to Banana Republic’s Closet VIP video series, the focus is on Chung as much as it is on promotion of the new collection, which drops today in stores and online. It is much easier for the customer to embrace a campaign like this, rather than a more staged one with models, because they get a little slice-of-life from Chung and can relate to her story.

As a lifestyle brand, it feels natural for us to partner with a range of both influencers and customers alike, who span a range of different interests. We’re always focused on bringing our customer unique style experiences and they are particularly inspired when we can share a diverse fashion point of view.

Aimee Lapic, SVP and General Manager of Customer Experience, Banana Republic







Agency | In-House
Photographers | Ward Ivan Rafik & John Hillin
Models | Jamie Chung, Johannes Huebl, Amy Jackson, Anais Mail, Nathan Bogle, Sasha M’bay, Tao Fernandez, & Lais Oliveira
Location | Charleston, South Carolina